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Antiproduct Community's Journal

15th April, 2006. 2:03 pm.(x_miss_vivica_x)

I saw Antiproduct On Thursday at The Easter Punk Fest In Cleethorpes U.K & they played an Amazing set
They Also Played With mark From The Ramones & did loads of Ramones Covers. I hade a brilliant night & im hopeing to go & see the band somewhere else in the U.K

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14th February, 2004. 5:35 am.(bonneh)

i joined cuz well i recognise the wonderfullness of antiproduct =)

my face was very close to alex's groin area at one point, aha.

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29th March, 2004. 6:55 pm.(xkittiebittenx)

Hello um... I like AntiProduct and I gots to meet them and go on the tour bus on saturday hehe x

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21st February, 2004. 7:04 pm. 21. Feb. Grootenbroek(zytronicdevice)

In a view minutes I am going on the train to go to the Antiproduct show in Grootenbroek with Wasted as support act.
I spoke with Milena on the internet, and if everything worked out as she said I am on the guest list and I can chill whit them backstage .

Who is going to tonight?

Ps. Hoi, my name is Marcel .. I’m new (:

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12th January, 2003. 9:25 pm. todays lyrical poroducts(kainedjames)

becoming senotaph names
the blood is on all hands
powerless to prevent?
this is our vietnam.

parades will not justify
nor poppys forgive

action for apologies
tomorrow is to fucking late

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16th October, 2002. 6:28 pm.(mailstealer)

ok, so i downloaded a lot of songs by antiproduct, but about half of them were by some other band, but the other band isn't that bad. one of the songs is 'let's get it on" and it's not a marvin gay cover, and it's really good.
anyone else's favorite song by anti product 'war is prostitution'?

Current mood: amused.

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15th September, 2002. 8:34 pm.(oxidised)

Just joined and thought i'd say.. Hilloooo!

Saw Antiproduct live for the first time on the 12th with Murderdolls.

Antiproduct have to be the best live act i have ever seen and murderdolls were crap in comparison!

Should have some photos to post from the show soon!

Bye x

Current mood: bouncy.

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16th May, 2002. 4:51 pm.(kainedjames)

alex kane is one sweaty bitch.

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12th August, 2001. 11:44 pm.(iain)

I think this is the first actual post concerning the band Antiproduct.

So yeah. They're good.

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27th July, 2001. 12:43 am.(misskittydemon)

lalala thought i'd join.

Current mood: bitchy.

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